Mar. 29th, 2012

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I'm still not sure what to do about this grading business.

There are lots of different things i want to do with my training - that hapkido class and refereeing in particular.  Mr Roz said the other night that i should do fight classes to learn to move like a fighter, and when i did some patterns in front of him i was tense and tight, so i probably need to do some pattern competition to get used to doing that under pressure and learn to deal with nerves again.  But i can't do all of those things and also find time to do extra training for this grading as well.

I'm not sure which way to go on this - whether to try to put this grading off indefinitely, while i do the things i want to do, or to just get it done with and out of the way so i can concentrate on other things afterwards without having to worry about it.   I need to decide fairly soon, as i was about ready to contact that hapkido club to see about joining their Saturday class.


Edit - Checking out bus and train timetables, it seems there's no way i could get from the hapkido class in Croydon to Doncaster in time for training, which means that every singe class there clashes with taekwondo.  I guess that settles that part of the equation for now. 

Perhaps it is better all round to just concentrate on this grading and put other things on hold until after that's done.  Something like hapkido is a longer term project anyway, and there may be something more accessible on offer at another time. 


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