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So, last night we went to see Peter Murphy and his band play their set of Bauhaus songs. While i was looking forward to it, after the great show they put on earlier this year, i did have some mixed feelings about the material they were to play this time. As i said to someone about the last show, i was actually more interested to see a Peter Murphy tour than i would a Bauhaus reunion as, to me, Bauhuas was something that happened at a certain time in the past, which lasted for a while then came to an end, and i felt that trying to recreate that past glory would somehow spoil that memory (even if i was too young to have experienced it myself). I wondered how I would feel about this tour - would Peter playing these songs with his new band make it more a tribute to the past, rather than a resurrected caricature of itself? Either way, after the last visit there was no way I was going to not go.

As it was, as soon as they kicked into Double Dare as their second song, followed by In the Flat Field and other early material, i was immediately transported back in time, not to the days of Bauhaus of course, but to a time nearly 25 years ago when, as a pimply faced 21 year old, i would play these songs to death, fantasising about seeing some band play them live. Not the real, already-legendary Bauhaus as such, but an imaginary fresh, unknown gothic punk band, playing some cosy inner city pub to a smallish crowd of black clad misfits. Now, a quarter of a century later, this was as close to that daydream as i was ever likely to get. It was a pretty good compromise - having Peter as the singer made it not a cover band, while his troupe of spunky young dudes gave it the freshness of a new band, not a wheeled-out reunion of old legends. And to top it off, it was at the Corner Hotel, one of the few haunts from those pimply, exciting days when i first came to Melbourne that's still left as a live venue. Needless to say, i loved every minute of it.

The only downside was spending the last three songs nervously watching the clock, before rushing out to catch the last train back to Burbia, without time to even say goodbye to anyone. That gets old real fast. But hey, that's life.

All in all, it was an awesome night, with just the right balance of nostalgia and immediacy. I'm pretty sure he said they'll be coming back again soon, to promote a new album that's coming out (as advertised in such a Sigue Sigue Sputnikesque way before the show), so that's something to look forward to, even though it won't be the same moment in time as this.
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