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Earlier this week i downloaded a short e-book from the Geoff Thompson mailing list.  I haven't read a lot of his stuff lately, as i'm a bit over motivational, strive-for-your-goals writing, escpecially as i don't even know what my goals are.  In this case, that was one of the topics he covered, with some interesting thoughts which i'll paste here for future reference:


Don’t know where you’re going? 

But what if you don't know where you're going, what your vocation is who you want to be or what you wish to achieve? Many of the people that I've spoken to over the years (some of the most interesting, as the song says) have bags of energy but no direction, they don't know what it is they are supposed to be doing. The solution (as will be explained in greater detail later) is a simple one. Invest your energy until you find your destination. You invest energy by giving it to others free, with no tangible profit. When you give to others it always comes back ten fold so every time you give you get back more and more.

It's an investment that cannot fail, a bet you can't lose because you are working on universal laws. What you give out is what you get back (i.e. give out good energy and that is what you get back, give out bad and that is what you get back). So when you give to others it always comes back to you. In the Bible it says cast your bread out onto the waters and it will come back ten fold. This is exactly the same. Then, when you do find your goal, channel all the energy you have gathered to power your journey.

I have an objective in life so I channel all of my energy into it. If you haven't yet found your vocation be patient and invest in others, be a good person, give love to others, resist and fight against the things that you know are wrong, educate your self by experiencing the many colours of life and read about great men and women. If you can’t see far enough stand on the shoulders on giants, surround your self by people that do know where they are going and that enthusiasm will rub off. All this will widen your consciousness and give you a different view of the world in which we live. The more erudite you become and the more knowledge you acquire the more the world will open up to you.

Eventually your goal, your vocation, will present its self, and when it does you’ll know.

Often meditation or praying (to whatever God you follow, or if you are your own God pray to your self) can help you to find your vocation, just ask and you might be surprised to find that the answer will come.

Many people already know what their vocation is but fail to accept (or recognise) it on a conscious level.

A friend who was a brilliant, potentially world class Judo player complained that he could not find his vocation in life, he had no direction. I said 'what about your judo?'

'Oh, ' he dismissed, 'that's just a hobby, it's just something I do'.

Watching him perform his ‘hobby’ awed me, it inspired me to want to be better at what I did, and could possibly inspire countless thousands more to achieve greatness in their own vocations. But to him judo was just a hobbyhorse, not something he could make a living at or help others with. His vocation was right under his nose, he just didn't choose to see it. Others may be great artists, writers, motivational speakers, mothers, father or carers etc. but cannot accept, usually because of fear, that this could be their direction. Listen to your heart, ask your self, you have all the answers though they often will not come until you are ready to hear them.

Try to make your life goal something that is for the better good of others. This doesn't mean you have to rush off and save a small village in a third world country (though that would be a laudable goal), rather it means trying to aim for something that will help others as opposed to just helping your self. Don't just be in it for the money or the fame because believe me, on their own these things are transient. People are what are important. Some don't realise this until they draw their last breath and they finally realise that all they take with them is the soul growth that comes from giving to others. The dollars and pounds are left in the material world. 

Two men sitting at the funeral of their millionaire friend; 'how much he leave?’ asks the first, 'Oh, all of it!' Replied the second.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that wealth is wrong, or that wealth should not be enjoyed, just don't make that your main aim in life and certainly don't make it your God because you will be very disappointed. It comes a very sorry second place to what is really important.

But don't be ashamed of wealth either. You are not suddenly responsible for the starving children of the world because you have a healthy bank balance. Money is an organiser; it helps you to help others. Look at Oprah Winfrey for instance, she's very rich, she got more money that Davey Crocket (as Forest Gump might say). She enjoys a good life but money is not her God. Look at what she does for the people of America and the world. Look at what she gives back, she is an emissary of God. Do you think she could touch that many people without her

wealth and position? I don't think so, for one second. She is a great person and God guides great people to powerplatforms so that they might help others. Some find their platform and then forget why they are there. I believe the only reason why we achieve greater heights is so that we can see and therefor help more people. Position is a privilege and when we achieve it we should remember to use it wisely.

A vocation that is for the better good of others might sound very limiting, it isn't. Nearly every profession I can think of serves others in one way or another. A musician serves others by bringing joy through music. If he/she is a switched on musician he will use his platform to touch people and inspire them to find their own calling.

Money and material wealth can also help you to achieve your goal. After all a lot of our energy is wasted worrying about the weekly bills. When the bank balance is healthy we can concentrate more on placing all our energy into our life goal, and less on surviving the next rent increase.


from http://geoffthompson.com/media/TheFormula.pdf

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